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Smash 7
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.07

Smash 7

One of my early pleasures when I first got my BBC was awaiting the new Software Invasion release and I still play with pleasure the 1983 games Attack On Alpha Centauri and Vortex pseudo-3D and all.

What an unexpected pleasure then to find them suddenly released on disk after I thought that Software Invasion had vanished into the mist. Again, like BBC Bonanza, I believe this is a special compilation put together for the Home Computer Club (savings of £4 and £5 on this for members).

It is good value too - seven games including one new to me, Street Machine - a vertical view, four-way scrolling car race that gives a credit to Street Machine magazine (what?). Fairly standard racing game with none of the special spark that made so many of Software Invasion's other games so playable.

3D Bomb Alley

However, the inclusion of Attack On Alpha Centauri (a very superior invaders-type game with 3D aliens and great sound effects) and Vortex (flying into a 3D space with asteroids to avoid - very compulsive) do make this a package worth seeking out if you don't have the games.

The other games really do no more than serve to bulk out the compilation and add extra value: wild west shoot-out Gunsmoke, shoot down enemy planes in 3D Bomb Alley, scrolling shoot-'em-up Eagles Wing and fairly standard platform game Spooks And Spiders.

Another reason perhaps to think about joining the Home Computer Club; the full price makes the compilation a bit pricey. Not sure if this one is in the shops or just mail order from Software Invasion.

Dave Reeder

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