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Share Analyser
By Synergy

Published in A&B Computing 2.10

Whilst I enjoy playing games as much as the next person, it is refreshing to find some good software which not only makes life a little easier but could also help you make some money!

Share Analyser from Synergy Software is an aid for the investor with a small share portfolio. Records of up to twenty different shareholdings can be maintained, prices can be continually updated and a maximum of 100 prices and sixteen buy/sell transactions can be stored for each share.

Once the data of your portfolio has been entered there are a number of different ways in which these can be interrogated and displayed.

Share Analyser

A summary or profitability report of a single share or the entire portfolio can be produced, various numerical analyses of ranges of share prices can be performed and excellent graphs of share prices can be produced whether on-screen or as hard-copy.

Synergy state in their operating manual: "We have tried to ensure that Share Analyser is both well designed and good value for money." I think they have succeeded on both counts. The documentation is well laid out, comprehensive and friendly but would probably benefit from a better printing job. The package, consequently, is very easy to use. Share Analyser is quite a versatile piece of software and should appeal to the small investor both as a means of efficient record-keeping and as an aid to investment decision making.

I was particularly pleased with the amount of thought that had obviously gone into the design of this package. The maintenance of disc files, use of printers and the graphical presentation of information are all well explained. I have not seen the cassette version of this program in operation but it would appear, from the documentation, to be rather awkward to manage. If you are considering purchasing an analysis program of this sort then it would be worth "investing" a few pounds extra in the disc version.

Dave ReederPeter Rochford

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