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Your Sinclair

Shanghai Karate
By Players
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #31

Shanghai Karate

It's no surprise to find that this game is a good ol' fashioned beat 'em up with a plot full of honourable grandfathers and mystical old scrolls. Yup, two people in their pyjamas start at either side of the screen, bow to each other and then beat each other to death, or push each other off the edge of the playing area into the water.

It's a pity that with all the excellent graphics in the game (they're designed by the bloke who did those in Denizen), the game itself is a joke, and not a very funny one at the The controls are extremely unresponsive and there is virtually no in-between frames in the animation of the sprites.

There are many combat games which are ten times as good as this one, including that old wrinkly, WOTEF itself.

Nat Pryce

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