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Published in A&B Computing 1.09

In Screwball from MRM you have 60 seconds to change the colours of every square in the complex grid that surrounds you simply by jumping on them.

Pestering you all the time though are four evil black bugs - with terrific red haircuts! As you progress through the levels they become increasingly harder to avoid, so to get rid of them you can dig holes for them to fall into.

If they do fall in you receive a large bonus but they sometimes cheat and jump over squares. If they catch you, you lose a life. But if you're really in a mess you can hyperspace to the top of the grid although you won't always survive this journey.


The screen layout is good. Your score, level, lives and time left are all displayed. The graphics resemble those of Q-Bert. Sound effects are excellent, adding to the fun.

It has all the usual features. There's a high score sheet, sound on/off and a freeze-game facility.

The selected keys make control smooth but, unfor tunately, no joystick can be used. It's a one player game but as there's nothing complex to learn, it is popular with all the family.

I found it most addictive. Screwball is fun, fast and good value for money.

Dave Reeder

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