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Rubble Trouble
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #029

The arcade game Pengo has spawned many imitations, most of which mimic its main features and do what they can with the graphics. Rubble Trouble, however, sets a new scene and offers one main feature to distinguish it from the rest.

For those who don't know the original game, the hero is set in a maze and is chased by a number of nasties. In this case, two-headed mutant turtles called 'crackits'. His only protection is the ability to push boulders which form the walls of the maze in the hope of squashing a crackit against a wall. The difference between Rubble Trouble and the other versions I have played is that the boulders bounce back if the crackit is missed and stand a good chance of turning you into so much pate.

This all adds to the excitement, but if you're still after something more, there are options to play with the screen full of blocks, thereby disguising the whereabouts of the maze walls, or with invisible walls, which is much the same but less colourful. Bonus points are scored for pushing special boulders and there are others which explode if pushed. The whole program is well-written and runs colourfully and smoothly. The sound effects and accompanying music are original and of a very high standard.

However,I have a strong reservation about this game. The 'alternative' scenario I mentioned earlier places you in post-holocaust Britain fighting radioactive mutants and your exposure time is limited beforen going down with radiation sickness. I find it hard to accept any light treatment of this subject and feel this storyline invidious in a 'jolly' game. Nice game - shame about the scenario.

Simon Williams

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