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Rothman's Football Quiz
By Cassell Ltd
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #23

Rothman's Football Quick Quiz

Here is a 'just for fun' quiz, no tie-in with famous personalities or TV shows, no offers of fabulous prizes, in fact the worst that it could be accused of is the plug for Rothmans.

For fans of the art of spherical dexterity, this is a challenging test the knowledge, eighteen sets of questions totalling 1,000 questions in all, and covering every aspect from general, to trivia and non-league football.

The quiz is well presented, giving three variations in play format, Assigned, Three In A Row and The Race. A full quiz can be played which involves a combination of all three.

Not a lot to add, except that it is a good example of how the quiz can be implemented on a computer and it is a must for football fanatics.

Clive Smith

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