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Roland Goes Square Bashing
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

This is an absolute gem to which the inlay card with its dubious spelling doesn't do justice!

Imagine taking one size of Lego tile and using lots of tiles, building up a series of structures by making linked steps and platforms which twist and turn round and upwards. Each succeeding structure is more complex than the next, with turns and holes which are invisible from a viewing angle above and slightly to the side of the construction

This is what you see on the screen, but in glowing multicolour and 3D! Using keyboard or joystick, you must guide Roland, who had metamorphosed into a cubic little chap with arms and legs, up from the bottom to the top. Beware, however! Even whilst he is standing on the tile, it begins to decompose, and if you wait a fraction of a second too long, the luckless Roland plunges stylishly down behind the lettering at the foot of the screen to oblivion.

The first few screens are fairly easy, but after about seven, the going gets really tough! You have to be very quick and clever to suss out the best route. At least you can practise, because access to any level is built in, as is a high score routine.

I liked the concept, the graphics and the sound, and found this refreshingly different challenging and addictive. The inlay card and instructions let it down however. They don't describe the game adequately. Highly recommended, though pricey.


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