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By Top Ten
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #32


Yawn... not another Rock-thingy game. We've had Rockman, Rockford, Rock 'n' Roll (a YS listing), and now here's Rockfall. Incredibly, all these games have you burrowing about in dirt dodging falling rocks. Quelle coincidence!

Rockfall mayn't be the most original idea since sliced bread, but its pretty nifty nonetheless. You play a subterranean Pacman who eats mud (!) and travels through caves of rocks, earth and boulders in search of diamonds in the best Boulderdash tradition. Clear the screen of sparklers and dash to the exit, to procee to the next cave with a juicy big bonus, (slurp). Of course, the ice ain't too easy to get yer mits on - it's surrounded by devious puzzles and it's all too easy to get squashed into Pac ketchup just as you clear the screen. (You bite the dust, you could say!).

A good mix of quick arcade reflexes and mind mangling puzzle solving is required — not one for SU readers I'm afraid - but most game players will find it an enjoyable, if not totally riveting two quids worth. And you get a free screen designer too; now that's what I call value for money, er, well a screen designer anyway...

Nat Pryce

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