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Revs Plus Revs 4 Tracks
By Superior/Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 5.01

Most micros have their motor racing games but that's all they are - games. Revs is one of the few programs which actually justifies the label of simulation. It must be one of the best motor racing programs on any micro.

This re-release follows the Acornsoft/Superior Software alliance. The new package includes the original program plus Revs 4 Tracks which used to sell separately with its own price tag of nearly £12.

Revs squeezes you into the cockpit of a Rait RT3 Toyota Novamotor. It may only produce 160bhp but try putting your foot down when in a lower gear and you'll soon be fighting to keep her in a straight line.

The screen display shows the cockpit instruments, steering wheel, wing mirrors, and the circuit in front of you. The realism of the outside world gives the game much of its appeal. Each of the five circuits has been lovingly reduced insize and shoe-homed inside your micro.

The bends and straights are all there, even the rise and fall of the circuit is simulated. This is so good that you can feel yourself going up and down with the car.

A practice option allows you to discover the ins and outs of each circuit before trying it for real. Select the race option and you'll be asked for the class of race you wish to compete in, ranging from novice to professional.

You can then spend between five and twenty minutes trying to achieve a good lap time to determine your position on the starting grid.

As with the real thing, you can adjust the settings of the front and rear wings. A high setting will help keep you on the track but will also reduce the car's top speed.

The circuit's realism is repeated in the car's handling. You'll spend your first few hours just trying to complete a circuit. One tip is to take the corners in one of the higher gears - you've five to choose from. When driving in alow gear the acceleration is so fierce that the car will spin at the slightest turn ofthe steering wheel.

Revs is an acknowledged classic. If you didn't buy it the first time round then get it now - it's even better value.

James Riddell

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