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Repton 3
By Superior
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Published in Acorn User #054

Taking A Triple Chance

So they've caught up with Jaws - watch out Rocky. Any game which survives into its third incarnation must go to prove something. But why need it be almost exactly the same as last time?

To be fair, Repton 3 is very good, the graphics are large and colourful, the tune almost bearable and the scrolling acceptable. The basic idea is exactly the same as its forebears: diamonds still have to be collected, boulder puzzles solved and monsters killed. Repton 3 has taken the best features from 1 and 2, added a screen and character designer and, as usual, offers a £200 prize for the first person to finish it. The most notable improvement over Repton 2 (but not over Repton) is the speed; it is now very playable, and probably better than Repton itself as it's so responsive.

Of course, the main facility of Repton 3 is the screen and character designer. This enables you to redefine totally all the characters and screens used in the game. Screens are designed in sets of eight and three sets are provided. In the game, passwords are given (like Repton) when a screen is completed to enable access to the next level.

The game itself features some extra nasties. A fungus slowly covers the screen unless you block it in with boulders and a timebomb explodes when you run out of time. The idea of each screen is to defuse this bomb, but all the diamonds and the crown must be collected and all mosnters killed before this can be done. Teleporters make a re-appearance from Repton 2, but they take you to a different point on the same screen, the screens aren't interlinked.

If you buy the program, you are entitled to buy a Repton 3 Fun Pack for £1.95, Repton for £4.95 and Repton 2 for £5.95.

Overall the game is very good and the speed is certainly its best point, but is a sequel's sequel going to sell...?

David Lawrence

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