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Your Sinclair

Quest For The Holy Grail
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #1

The Quest For The Holy Grail

Hmmmm! Haven't I seen this game somewhere before? Wasn't it back in 1905 or thereabouts? Well, at least it'll probably be cheaper now it's being distributed by Mastertronic.

Cheaper it may be but good it's not. It's full of naff jokes and everytime you make a move you're a gonner. I mean, what's so funny about being cut off in your prime by being shot at with great green lumps of snot! Ugh!

You play the part of Sir Tappin who's in search of the Holy Grail but I reckon you'll soon get tired of tappin' those keys. The graphics aren't that hot either, and they're even the same for different locations occasionally.

It'll take you ages to get anywhere in the game 'cos the program kills you off at every opportunity. Still, it is cheap. Perhaps that's all that matters... perhaps!

Grim Reaper

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