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By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

Positron is a super fast shoot-'em-up spectacular of the Space Invaders ilk. Instead of invaders, you get waves and sheets of Cybers, Spazmoids, the Galactic Hulks, Hep-Heps by the dozen and the almost unstoppable Mega-bods.

A 60 line BASIC header *RUNs this headlong dash to destroy as many on-screen nasties as possible within the constraints of your three lives (and extra one at 100,00 points - how generous!). I can't think of an easier way of wearing out the Electron's RETURN key than playing this game for a few hours; and that is just what you will do as soon as you sit down in front of the keyboard. This game is super addictive and only 'Positron-Wrist' will finally persuade you to give it a rest.

The controls are CTRL, A and RETURN. Your laser base moves swiftly across the bottom of the screen searching out the most efficient method of vapourising the attackers. When you do get hit by the return fire, the particles go flying and reconstitute for a new start at the centre. If you successfully destroy the current wave then the base remains in position for the next attack.

Every so often you will be destroyed but your final shot goes on to avenge you and complete the attackers's demise. Good smooth graphics and appropriate sounds. It may be mindless but it's fun.

Dave Reeder

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