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Play With Words
By Peebee
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

This is an Interesting educational program in that rather than being a ready to run package it is a utility or driver program ready to become a customised program to fit each persons needs. The basis of the program is a word. phrase or sentence structuring system. The idea is that you input a list or a paragraph of text and the student is presented with it in a scrambled order and has to reconstruct the original.

There are a number of applications for this kind of program but it shouldn't be over used. Obviously it can be used for logical reasoning. for problems in size or order and even for learning alphabetical order too. I was reviewing the disc version which allows up to ten files to be used at a session with each child. and it comes with ten such files for you to try. The input routine is not all that it could be in that it doesn't give you the chance to correct any input after pressing return and therefore if your typing isn't too good it is easy to make mistakes and then have to start again.

The other major criticism that I have is its rather boring presentation. no graphics. minimal sound and therefore lack of motivational interest for the child. You also specify the order of presentation whereas I expected it to be on a random basis. I can see the reason for this but it does mean that there is a strict limit to the number of times a child can use the program before they have learned the order. The order Is selected by pressing number keys but there is no error trapping to stop you trying a number that you have already used. A high score table is kept and can be saved to cassette or disc. but as it only keeps a percentage score it would be hard to use for diagnostic purposes which Is a pity The best way of describing it therefore is as a self-marking exercise book and I can't really see it being much more despite the fact that it does work well in general.

Dave Reeder

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