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Play It Again Sam 12
By Superior/Acornsoft

Published in A&B Computing 7.04

Many moons ago Superior released Play It Again Sam - now they have reached 12 and I wonder how long they can go on for?! Will we be playing SAM 100 in the year 2000?

This latest game, consists of The Last Ninja, Superior's biggest seller, and their By Fair Means Or Foul, a boxing simulation with a few nice touches! Skirmish and Blagger on the other hand are both from outside software houses, but were niceties during their days of fame.

To begin with, The Last Ninja is probably the main title on this compilation. For those who have not seen it before, the idea is to wander around many scenic screens in order to collect all the weapons and objects that you are likely to need in your quest. It is a brilliant game and is worth £9.95 just on its own.

By Fair Means Or Foul carries (sic) lets you cheat when the referee is not looking! Two players can participate in this game or you can choose to play against the computer.

The ring is quite nicely drawn, with a static audience whose only indication of life is their comments whilst you box. A referee is included, but he only moves up and down, and not around the entire ring he is also the main feature of the game. The addition of the referee and an audience, which both chant at you is a good idea, but the boxing... well, I suppose on a compilation you can't complain.

If you have not seen Skirmish before, then the idea is to fly your ostrich around the screen, knocking your opponents (computer or human) off of their ostriches. Sounds silly, but it is one of the most addictive games that I know of.

Blagger was never destined to be a hit but Superior has added some extras to this version. It's a platform game where you must guide your man around the levels, collecting the keys to the safes which will allow access to the next levels.

Some of the sprites used on later levels are alright but I've seen better in computer magazine listings. The slowness and jerkyness make the game almost unplayable.

Overall, Sam 12 is not as good as the previous Sams with The Last Ninja and Skirmish being the only worthwhile games.

Dave Reeder

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