Planetfall (Argus Press) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Argus Press
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

This trading game is brought to you by the publishers of this magazine. You may be somewhat sceptical therefore when I describe it as one of the best trading type games I have seen for the BBC. My main reason is not that I like working here but that it is the most understandable trading game I have played, with simple rules but interesting and lively action.

The program has 11 different screen displays, all attractively laid out in teletext with plenty of colour and sound. You have many options and can alter skill levels and time span.

You pilot a cargo ship around the galaxy buying and selling as you go and at each stop you have the chance to haggle over the prices. For anyone with a passion for games playing it will be a wonderland.

The only difficulty I have had is trying to get to the bank as the instructions don't give enough detail on this aspect. An exciting two- or more player game which is a little overpriced but good fun.


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