Pit-Stop (Avalon) Review | Crash - Everygamegoing


By Avalon
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #7


'This type of game is very old and out of date - no matter how many frills are added, the game is still boring. Collecting tools is a novel idea but no different to eating the more usual dots. Chaser cars always tend to get in the way (although that's the central idea of course) and make it difficult to play. The trouble with the basic idea behind this sort of game is that luck plays the bigger part. If you crash then a stupid remark appears in the centre of the screen. Colour is not really well used because the cars don't show up at all when playing from a distance. A poor, old and unaddictive game.'

'This is a fast type game at which some people undoubtedly get good, but can you be bothered? The programmer has chosen to have four directional lane change control which is very confusing instead of having a simple 'in' or but ' control. If the game is out-dated, the sound track is positively antediluvian with that dread Death March tune when you lose a game. The explosion is quite effective, but overall the graphics are small one character-sized, and bon to look at, with poor use of colour. A waste of money.'

'There's always a good argument for bringing out new versions of old favourites, because newcomers get a chance to see them and usually with improved routines for better graphics. Unfortunately this game does not stand up, neither in the graphics department, nor the fact that I doubt it was ever an old favourite really. It's the sort of game which has hard to control features and totally lacks either content or real playing appeal like, say, 'Asteroids'. Not recommended by me anyway.'

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