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Home Computing Weekly

By Microdeal
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

A game for the really leisurely player. It requires very little effort - only the fire button or number 7 key very occasionally. First you choose the colour of background - buff was quite good here - and then you have a choice of three tables.

You put the ball in play and control the flippers at the bottom of the table. A little bit of timing is necessary but mostly you sit back and watch the ball bouncing around.

Where it loses out, of course, is in the artistry of the original pinball machines. I missed the lurid pictures, the lights and the feel of a real machine. But if you've never ventured into the seaside arcades or been tempted by the table at your local then this is a good opportunity to have a go.

All the graphics are in hi-res, there are sound effects and the ball moves very smoothly and realistically.

Strangely enough, in spite of its drawbacks, I found it enjoyable and quite relaxing after so much space-zapping!


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