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By AVP Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #30


At last, the program that Physics teachers in Scotland have been waiting for! A revision cassette which covers the syllabus of the Scottish Certificate of Education 'O' Grade course. The program begins by offering a choice of four tests, with or without sound effects. Test 1 covers the 1982 'O' Grade paper, and as the questions are not on the program, the candidate needs to have a copy of the question paper. All the questions may be attempted, or a selected section may be concentrated upon from Waves, Dynamics, Heat and Gasses. Electricity and Magnetism, or Electronics and Radioactivity.

The test begins by displaying a multiple choice grid on which the user enters an answer. The option to amend the answer is given, and when the answer is confirmed the computer immediately checks it. If it is correct, the next question comes up: if wrong, a hint is given and the user is given a second try. If this is also incorrect, another hint is given, but after the third incorrect attempt, the right answer is displayed.

When all the questions have been completed, the program shows the questions which were correctly answered at the first try, those which were correct with help, and those not correct even after three attempts. A score is then given based on the following system:

Correct first time 2 marks Correct after one hint 1 mark Correct after two hints half mark

The cassette also contains a test making program which enables the user to set up test data. It is possible to enter up to ninety-nine questions, split into a number of titled sections with two hints allowed for each question. Again, the questions must be of the multiple- choice type, with four or five possible answers. The instructions for entering the test questions and answers are very clear and easy to follow. All in all, this is a very useful and flexible program, and I'm sorry I didn't review it in time for the SCE examinations! The package costs £8, and versions covering the 'O' level syllabus for the JMB and London boards are also available.


Control keys: for the tests, you choose the option from A to E
Keyboard play: fast
Graphics: none
Use of colour: almost entirely black and white

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