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Perils Of Bear George
By Cheetahsoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #101

George is a cute little bear. He wanders through an orchard under your control, tilting his head up occasionally to eat one of the apples which are falling from the trees. A squirrel dodges about above him, dropping nuts on his head which stun him and prevent him from moving for a few seconds.

Just when you are beginning to get the hang of catching apples, winter comes and George has to make his way across the snow to a cave to hibernate, avoiding skiers and other hazards as he does so. Then it's back to the orchard again.

This game has very attractive graphics, and I liked the music - Teddy Bear's Picnic, of course - but that doesn't alter the fact that it is essentially boring. Catching apples is not a very exciting activity; it's not easy to do, and the rewards when you succeed are not sufficient to justify the effort involved.

The delays while you wait for George to recover consciousness after being hit by a nut or a skier add to the tedium, and I really can't recommend this one.


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