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By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 4.08


Now, here's an oddity. In a time of American licence deals and hard-working, in-house programmers, Tynesoft have accepted an adventure sent in to them. As if that wasn't enough of a bizarre story, wait till you hear that the BBC version has 300 illustrated locations (200 for Electron).

Phew! Of course, a number of them are very similar or identical and none will win any prizes for pushing computer graphics to the limits but they do add a nice touch to what is a fairly standard adventure set in the world of higher education.

Moving around Oxbridge, you must solve various puzzles and mazes as you might expect but there is a welcome amount of humour here (not quite to Lever/Jones stndard however) and certainly the subject matter is a very welcome change of pace from the near-inevitable spaaceships or goblin lands of most adventures.

Seasoned adventurers aren't going to find too much here that will challenge them for long, but those dipping a toe into the puzzle waters could well find that this is a pleasant place to start.

Dave Reeder

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