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Your Sinclair

By Alpha-Omega
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #13


Pow-ee' Zap' Ker-rang' Oblivion doesn't come with any sounds effects, so good ol' me bungs 'em in for free. Trouble is Oblivion doesn't come with much of anything.

The star of this game is an ostrich (you heard, bird brain), an ostrich with no name and a miner's lamp disguised as a ray gun strapped to his bonce. The long necked one has three lives and can move laterally, giving it slightly more manoeuvrability than a Sunday lunch. It has to travel between two unnamed cities (everything in this game is anonymous) avoiding many evils falling - light bulbs, exploding grapes and thin wobbly things'. Some of these, like the space ships, zap you, but many, like the spooks, just have to be avoided. This is done by jumping cos ostriches, like dodos, can't fly. And like dodos, this game's in severe danger of extinction.

Alpha's own blurb says of Oblivion that to describe it is completely impossible. Which shows a conciseness we wish the programmers had used. Condemn this to oblivion, if it wasn't an ostrich, this game would be a total turkey.

Rick Robson

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