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By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #126

Nightbreed: The Action Game

Nightbreed. What is it? An alternative term for the Birds and the Bees? A group of sad people that only come out at night and drive their equally sad cars around one way systems attempting to impress the girlies? No it's the game of the film of the book of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. HORROR!

Boone has lost a few, if not all of his marbles. During one of his therapy sessions with Dr. Decker he learns that he is responsible for the odd murder here and there. In his desperation he learns of a place called MIDIAN where he will be forgiven of all his wrong doings. So off he sets to find it, but in the process he unleashes normal humankind on the hated Nightbreed. Ooops.

Graphically Nightbreed is quite good but it does have the problem of "what am I controlling" due to the main sprites and the backgrounds using the same colours. The different screens are not very different at all, and you could well get bored looking at them. Sound doesn't really exist there's just a few little noises here and there, not really the atmospheric push that a game like this needs.

Night Breed: The Action Game

Nightbreed isn't particularly playable either, the object of the game is just as confusing as the look of it. And so it doesn't take long before you get fed up trying to work this one out. That's the saddest thing about Nightbreed, it looks as though it could have been a really good title, it's certainly a massive game. But I don't think that many people will stick at it that long.

Label: Hit Squad Memory: 48K/128K Price: £3.99 Tape Reviewer: Steve Keen

Overall Summary

I've seen this film and it's absolutely gross but immensely enjoyable (if that's the right word) and I hoped that the game would follow the same pattern. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. It's just too confusing and frustrating to be enjoyable for any longer than a couple of days.

Steve Keen

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