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Home Computing Weekly

By Markat

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

A card game, very similar to Whist, in which the player competes against the computer.

When the cards have been dealt (the player and the computer takes turns), the non-dealer states how many tricks he thinks he can win. (As only five cards are dealt, this number can be no higher than five and no less than two.) The dealer may then either pass or make a higher bid.

The first card is played by whoever makes the highest bid, and the suit of this card then becomes the trump suit.

Following suit, if possible, the opponent then plays a card. If the value of this card is higher than that played by the other contestant, the opponent wins the trick. As in Whist, if a trump is played, it wins the trick.

Unlike Whist, there is a scoring system which awards points to the players, according to the amount of tricks.

The cards are displayed extremely well on the screen, with the player's cards face up, and the computer's face down.

Although the computer knows which cards the player holds, the instructions say it does not use this information to its own advantage.


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