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Music Maker
By Malan Associates
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #14

Music Maker

There are many music making devices about, mainly in the hardware department but you don't see too many on the software side. Well, here's one, produced by Malan.

Written for the 48K machine in mind, Music Maker is a quick and simple way of maing quick and simple tunes.

If you're hoping to write the equivalent of Beethoven's 5th then forget it. It is very limited with one channel sound and a maximum of about 60 notes (use any more and it crashes!).

The top half of the screen displays a blank song sheet to put the notes on. On the lower half is printed your options either to play, move backwards, forwards, on save and load your mini-tune. Notes can be made to sound longer or shorter.

Notes can be made to sound longer or shorter and it has the ability to produce a 'pip' and 'hum'. If composing is your scene, save some money and buy something better. But if you want something that with a little patience you could produce with beep statements, then maybe this will suffice.

Clive Smith

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