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Mr. Mephisto
By Euro-Byte
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #9

Mr. Mephisto

This is an infernally infuriating game which will have you going back to the keyboard again and again to try and give those pesky demons the run-around.

Your aim, as a good little gamesplayer, is to reach Paradise. But, as the blurb says: "The stairway to Heaven is fraught with peril." Too true.

The hero begins on level 1 at the bottom left of the screen. He has to get along a narrow causeway with the raging fires of Hell on one side and a bottomless pit on the other.

Mr. Mephisto

His objective is the scrolling stairway which will take him up to the battlements at the top of the screen. Here he'll find a ring (or halo) allowing entrance to the next level.

Trouble is those demons, nasty red creatures bent double with malice who are only too reach to give him a brusque jab with their toasting forks.

Should he evade these imps as they weave downstairs, he reaches the battlements where he must avoid the big, bad boss devil who has a nifty trick of disappearing through the floor and emerging at the other side.

When, or if, our virtuous hero gets the key from its niche in the wall he progresses to the second level.

Now there are several stairways, with death-dealing skulls popping out of the top, as well as a host of demons.

Further levels introduce ghosts, while on the last level - The Gates Of Heaven - a terrifying red devil bars your way.

Mr. Mephisto is an intriguing and compulsive game. It is pitched at just the right level of difficulty to make you sweat without ever actually inducing despair about reaching your goal.


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