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More Advanced Programming
By Prentice-Hall International
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.08

More Advanced Programming

More Advanced Programming is concerned primarily with programming for serious applications, with the emphasis upon the professional design of programs, exploiting the structures of BBC Basic to the full.

There is, for example, much discussion of techniques for handling data structures in memory and on disc. A number of interesting programs are given including simulations (eg. of stacks and queue structures) and demonstrations of techniques such as fast sorting in memory and using random access files on disc.

Telford does not assume very much prior knowledge of programming, but some familiarity with BASIC and access to the User Guide for reference material is essential. The book would, for example, be an excellent introduction to the BBC Micro for someone who had learned programming on another machine with a more modest implementation of BASIC.

Where BBC BASIC has limitations, these are pointed out and the structures available in other languages, such as the CASE statement, are explained. In later chapters Telford deals with some topics which are machine-specific, e.g. how to program the user and analogue ports and the user of graphics and sound. A possible criticism is that the author perhaps tries to cover too many topics with the consequence that some are not treated in sufficient depth. The book should, however, prove very useful in educational contexts where principles of computer science are being taught by use of the BBC Micro. It is also packed with information and programs which should prove useful to anyone wishing to learn serious programming of the machine and is recommended as a very good buy at the price.

Jonathan Evans

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