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Moon Buggy
By Anirog
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #118

Something a bit different in the arcade game department. After loading, a moonscape, with quite a lot of detail is presented, with the front section strewn with rocks and holes scrolling past. You control a fairly crudely drawn six-wheel moon buggy which can be accelerated, decelerated and jumped by means of the joystick. In addition, you have at your command laser blasters and rockets.

For a few seconds, life is simple, jumping holes and blasting rocks. Suddenly, however, you are assailed from above by a flight of alien Ships. Now you have three things to cope with. Hit a rock, and you crash; get landed with a rocket and you explode, but fall into a hole, and all three sets of wheels come off and go sailing byl Strangely, should you miss one of the alien ships, it flies backwards, with a jet emanating from its rear, and makes another bee-line for youl Equally disappointing is the rather unimaginative use of sound, and the rather unexciting crashes.

Should you survive, the next level features little rocks, and more of the same aliens; just that bit harder! As an exercise in co-ordination and nerve it couldn't be better. Indeed, the concept is very good, owing perhaps just a little to Skramble in some respects. What comes as a disappointment, therefore, is the lack of little finishing touches which would change what is an entirely adequate game into something rather outstanding, which the CPC464 badly needs.


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