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Home Computing Weekly

Mined Out
By Quicksilva
Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #14

The packaging and presentation of this game is very good. A lot of thought has gone into the blurb and the instructions are very comprehensive. There is even a demonstration game.

It's an interesting idea where your objective is to rescue Bill the worm. To get to him you have to travel through seven mine fields which get progressively more difficult. You guide yourself through the fields with the arrow keys and the machine code assisted subroutines assure you of a fast response with on-screen scoring and high score record.

A nice feature is the replay of your moves after a mistake thus showing you how you went wrong! In time you learn, like the proverbial rats in a maze, to respond correctly although further hazards present themselves to ensure that your job gets tougher.

All this is achieved on the low resolution screens which, graphically, is not very exciting. There seems to be a great disparity between the packaging and the visual product. I must confess I was disappointed. However, colour and sound are used dramatically and kept me interested.

It was helpful not to have to restart at rock bottom each time. Once on level three you' had the option of restarting the level prior to your downfall.


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