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By Incentive
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #28



IT WILL take several months of play to reach your target in Millionaire for the 48K Spectrum from Incentive Software. The idea is to start a software house and then either sell your products to other companies for them to market or sell directly to the retail trade. The problem is that the scales of success incorporated into the game are such that it will take a long time to get anywhere near a million pounds or dollars in profit.

During the game you can specialise in a specific type of software and you have to tell the program which qualities you desire most in a product. You will then be informed of your current financial position, depending on how well your software is selling and the amount you have had to pay in bills.

Unfortunately you cannot make large profits quickly because of the low limit to numbers of program copies you can make by duplication. Another difficulty is that the game relies heavily on luck. You may put in one set of figures during one session and then enter them again during the next session and have completely different results.

Despite the minor flaws in the program, Millionaire is one of the few addictive strategy games on the market. You may not become a millionaire or learn how to handle the business of a software house but you should find the experience engrossing.

Memory: 48K Price: £5.50

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