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Home Computing Weekly

Microprint 42/51
By Myrmidon
Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #38

This 823-byte utility prints 42 or 51 characters per line, to 24 lines, using all keyboard characters, including udgs, with usual colour combinations.

Sounds good? Yes, but! Alphabet/numerics are reduced individually and look good.

Predefined graphics, though, are reduced by removing middle bits, resulting in identical but opposite shapes being no longer identical in shape or size.

This makes building up large title letters, for example, difficult, since they may no longer meet.

With udgs, the last (right) two or three bits are removed - only five eights of your graphic prints!

Graphics must be redesigned to use only the unremoved bits, requiring data-switch and more memory.

You cannot use Microprint in any commercial program without "prior agreement". Naughtily, this is only mentioned in the instructions, i.e. after you've bought it, which may not make it legally binding.

If "agreement" translates as "share of royalties" (and why should the screwdriver expect to profit from the sale of your woodwork?) then the usefulness of an excellent program is sadly limited.


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