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A&B Computing

By Arnold Wheaton
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.07


Microbug is an hierarchical type of datafile, i.e. the Tree type. In this kind of database, the information is stored on pages which are linked together. By selecting the option, you move from general to more specific information.

Microbug is intended to stimulate children to detailed observations of some of the more common forms of invertebrates - such as they might find around the school grounds. By asking the child a number of questions about the creatures, the program attempts to produce an identification. Each response from the child narrows down the range of possible identification. When sufficient possibilities have been excluded a suggestion is made as to what the creature might be.

At this point the user can see all the decisions made - which is helpful when it is obvious that the computer has made a wrong identification! If more information is required, the program provides a list of suitable books.

While teachers not used to this type of database program may find Microbug a useful introduction, I believe most will prefer to spend the money on a good database program, which will enable them (and the children) to make many datafiles.

Dave Reeder

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