The Micro User


Author: Rog Frost
Publisher: Alternative
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in The Micro User 5.12

A chance to mis-spend your youth

The Alternative people seem to have a liking for computerised pinball tables. The new offering, Microball, is a fast and furious version, well endowed with all the required sound effects and flashing lights.

As the game is loading, you will be asked which computer you are using. I would have thought that the software could have done that job! After loading, the right half of the screen becomes the pin table and the left half the scoreboard, with up to four people involved in any one game.

Microball, like real pinball, is a simple game in which a metal ball is introduced to a table by a spring-loaded plunger. It then bounces around, hitting various electromagnets which add points to your score as well as new impetus to the ball. The table slopes down to the front, and here you have two flippers to keep the ball in play. Eventually, the ball will be missed or it may go down one of the side chutes and be lost.

You get five chances to try to amass as high a score as possible and bonus balls are awarded for very good scores. It's a pity that a high score table wasn't included, but that apart, Microball represents good value for money.

Rog Frost

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