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Your Sinclair

By The Power House
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #32


Moonboots, the lunar explorer is stranded in Metropolis, having carelessly mislaid his spaceship, (what a ludicrous plot, eh?) Now he's got to find it and refuel it before he can travel back home, but thrre are lots of problems to overcome before he can return to the moon. Metropolis bears an uncanny resemblance to Pyjamarama, so much so that several screens look very similar to ones in the big P.

All the usual puzzles are around - which door does the round key open? What does the test tube do? But there is an added twist to the plot - Moonboots can turn into a different character at the press of a button. Zoid The Droid is short enough to go under some obstacles, while the Mad Monk and Super Spy can reach the parts of town other beers cannot refresh, or something along those lines.

Metropolis is actually all right if you're into arcade adventures, but otherwise you'll find it extremely boring.

Nat Pryce

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