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Megaplay 1
By Mastertronic

Published in A&B Computing 6.02

Another rather disappointing compilation, padded out with some duff games rather than the 'six fantastic programs on one cassette promised'. (Incidentally, a disk version is promised - later.)

From the top, we have Galactic Patrol, an amusing enough but hardly thrilling multi-sequence game. You must know this one - stop the colonists being shot as they join the spaceship, defend your starfighter as you dash through space, etc, etc.

Your impression of top quality fun is hardly justified when you load up Vegas Jackpot, a standard one-armed bandit simulation. No better, no worse than others.

Quality takes a real jump, however, with my personal recommendation for 'most enjoyable sports simulation on the Beeb, ever' - Way Of The Exploding Fist. Frantic gameplay, lots of moves, great graphics - this is the business and you should all have a copy.

Next, we have two 'personality' games - Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge and Geoff Capes Strongman. Neither really stand on their own once you take the endorsement away - jump your motorbike over cars or flex your muscles. Yawn!

Finishing up the compilation we have the rather poor Kane. This is set in the Wild West with all the wacky fun you'd expect - shoot Indians, ride across the endless prairies, etc. It was lousy at £1.99, it's still lousy.

Overall, this is probably worth getting if you need Way Of The Exploding Fist and Galactic Patrol in your collection - the other games will give you some fun but don't buy it just to get them. You'll be disappointed.

Dave Reeder

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