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Master Chess
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #13



MASTER CHESS, from Mikro Gen, is one of the best chess programs available for the 48K Spectrum. The game allows the user to play at one of 10 levels, numbered from zero to nine. The computer will respond with its move almost immediately in mode zero but the computer move in mode nine can take several minutes.

If a player is stuck in a position, the computer will suggest a move. In effect, the computer will recommend to its opponent the best move to make against itself, which shows that computers have no brains. The program also allows you to set up the board before playing the rest of the game.

The board can be cleared and a flashing cursor will appear on one of the board squares. Entering the appropriate Letter, for example 'p' for pawn or 'k' for king, will make the computer place that piece on the square with the cursor.

When the board is set up with all the pieces in the order the player requires, the game will continue after selection of colour and level number.

A record of the moves made is kept on the left-hand side of the screen. If the player makes an illegal move the computer will not permit it and if the player wants to make another move instead of the one last entered, that move can be deleted.

The game is capable of pawn promotion and en passant and is one of the best versions of chess for the Spectrum. Master Chess can be obtained from Mikro Gen, 24 Agar Crescent, Bracknell, Berkshire. It costs £6.95.

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