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By Intrigue

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

A graphics and text adventure in which you escape the strange lands of Mania in order to find the legend of the Ultimate Quest.

At the beginning of each move, the screen displays your score, wealth, IQ and strength together with a graphic representation of your position and surrounding objects.

Although the graphics use the TI's facilities well, they don't equal the quality of those used in The Hobbit or Valhalla.

The pictures of your surroundings are rather small - about an eighth of the screen - but they are accurate, portraying 3D very well in those pictures where it is used. Some backgrounds are used more than once, but the foreground objects are usually different.

There are seventeen commands. The command "SAY" enables you to ask a question to the characters which you meet on your travels. These include wizards, Manians and serpents.

When you come across a nasty creature you can choose to fight it with any of the weapons that you have acquired along the way. I would certainly recommend Mania.


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