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League Challenge
By Atlantis

Published in A&B Computing 3.11

'Ere we go!

Can you be one of those people who never bought Football Manager from Addictive? Apparently, there are not many Beeb owners left with any interest in football who haven't sought out that simulation and I would doubt whether League Challenge would convince any of the hold-outs.

Starting at the bottom of Division Four, you must buy and sell players to build a team capable of taking your team up through the Divisions to the top of Division One. Each round of mid-week transfers, selection of training sessions, comparison of statistics and so on leads to a game with graphic highlights of goals shown in fairly limited animation.

As such the game is similar to a whole selection of buying and selling games with only the football milieu to add interest. The graphics themselves are hardly worth the effort but, to be fair, the game is worth the money should you want a cheap football manager simulation.

I suspect, though, that owners of Football Manager will not want another such simulation and other Beeb users will not want such a simulation at all. All of which is a shame for programmer Keith Edwards, who obviously has talent that should be nurtured.

Dave Reeder

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