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Laser Zone
By Llamasoft
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Home Computing Weekly #11

The aliens have landed, they're marching to get you - what can you do? Bludgen them with an Electro, or swing your Plasma Cannon with speed and finesse and pick them off. Give me the bludgen any day, but supplies of Electros are severely limited...

"Your objective: simply to vaporise as many nasties as you can before you are yourself rendered into your component atoms", says author Jeff Minter about his latest offering. Straightforward enough, considering you control two spaceships armed with those Plasma Cannons.

Snag is, the aliens that evade your crossfire to reach the tracks on which the ships manoeuvre are then out of your normal firefield. You must either turn a ship to fire diagonally or hope there's just one more Electro up the tube.

All of which makes this fast, innovative game a pretty tough test of co-ordination skills, and while good fun for all, it will perhaps be most appreciated by those who take their games seriously.

Sound is effective, graphics attractive and clear (even in monochrome). I encountered no bugs or loading difficulties. The program has plenty of features, 31 skill levels (plus training mode), and comes with particularly full instructions - which you need. You also need a good joystick and, like the adverts say, dedication!


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