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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

Watch out - the aliens are on the attack again, and these are the worst kind - kamikaze aliens. They descend from the skies in UFOs, to crash into your city, unless you have the skill and reflexes to stop them.

The screen shows a profile of your city, plus the current score, high score and status. The aliens come down from the top, the number, formation and speed of which depends on which screen you are playing and the skill level employed. Using your joystick, you must position the sights of your laser on the alien craft. A quick flick of the fire button and he will be blasted from the air, but if you miss he will crash into your city. The game ends when ten of the aliens have penetrated your defences.

Invaders from outer space is hardly the most original theme, but if you still have the appetite for this you'll find it fun. Personally speaking, I'm rather tired of zipping and zapping in this hostile manner. Surely there must be something more peaceful and serene to do? This needs Extended Basic and a joystick.


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