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Jet Set Willy 2
By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 4.02

Jet Set Willy II

Willy, our hero, returns in yet another bout of desperate house tidying! More rooms (120+ screens), more things to collect, more nightmare posers in working out screens!

As expected, this is very much the same as the first Willy game - if you're a fan then you'll want this; if you've never seen the appeal, then this won't convince you.

The other two of you who've never seen Jet Set Willy had better try to imagine a compulsive, Spectrum-type graphics, platform game that totally ignores any of the BBC's strengths but is endlessly playable. A real enigma. A real success. Just don't show it to anyone with a Spectrum - they might think we have other secret envies!

Dave Reeder

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