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Jet Boat
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 2.03

Following up their epic 3D Grand Prix, Software Invasion have gone for another three-dimensional type game. This time the player is racing a jet boat against time.

The loading procedure is long, with lots of graphics (courtesy of Quicksilva's Beebart). The best feature is that you can redefine the keys for left, right and accelerate, choosing any keys which suit you best.

The interminable loading time (interesting block countdown from &FF) is worth every second. A screen full of Jet Boat scrolls sideways to reveal a twisting and turning course of blue water through a variety of landscapes, walls, buildings, farms and castles. The ready sign disappears to reveal the Jet Boat on the starting line.

It's captained by a sporty looking sprite but it's you that has to come up with the fast reactions and judgement to guide Jet Boat through the course.

There is a good mix of bends, wide passages and slim straits to test your skill. As each lap is completed within the time limit (if you don't make it the game ends and the high score table appears) more objects appear along the course and make things pretty hairy. The sea monsters and sandbanks push to the limits of concentration.

The game is compatible with joysticks but I preferred the fine touch of the keyboard control. If the boat gets stuck on a bit of land (you can plough your way across land and through buildings if you really want to!) it is best to get off by the quickest route rather than continue on your current heading. It doesn't matter how much of the boat is touching, you just grind to a near halt.

The action is very smooth, impressively so considering the amount of landscape and features that go whizzing by the Jet Boat as it accelerates away. Sound is OK and can be switched on and off as wished. You also get a freeze option. Quite a game, original, challenging and nerve-pinching.

Jonathan Evans

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