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Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
By U. S. Gold
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Computer & Video Games #110

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

No, no, no - I absolutely refuse to write a review that starts with "the man with the hat is back, and he's bought his Dad"! [Lucky you didn't then - Ed] Anyway, I digress - Indiana Jones is indeed back once more, this time on the Sega Master System, and this time it's a conversion of the US Gold arcade game that appeared on computer during the summer of last year.

Following the plot of the film (sort of), it all begins with Indy hunting down the Cross of Coronado in an archaeological dig. Lots of obstacles have to be overcome or avoided, including crumbling ledges, pipts, stalactites and some rather nasty characters that would rather keep the Cross in their possession. After this Indy has to run along the roof of a moving circus train, avoiding animals that stick their heads out.

Next, Indy must scale the walls of Castle Brunwald, leaping from window sill to window sill, avoiding rats that will unbalance our hero and send him falling to his doom. Once Indy is successful in breaching the walls, and finding his father, the archaeological 'ard-nut has to escape in a massive airship, whilst knocking off Nazi troops!

The last level sees Indy in the Temple of the Holy Grail, the holy artifact only a few paces away! But it's still not over, because the path is laden with ancient traps ready to seal our hero's fate!


Having played this game on other machines beforehand, and after playing the Nintendo version last issue, I have to say that this isn't actually as good as the NES game for two reasons: firstly, the NES version had a whole lot more variety to offer in the game style and the way the whole thing fitted together. And, secondly, the Sega version will have you pulling your hair out within minutes!

Why? It's too flippin' tough! Trying to get off the first level is hard enough, let alone attempting the rest of the game!

The graphics and sound are both really good, with Indy leaping, punching and whipping around, and the backdrops are very fancy indeed. Gripes aside, the game is incredibly addictive, however infuriating, and will have you stuck in front of the box for hours on end.

Overall, a good game, but certainly not for novices.

Robert Swan