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By Firebird
Spectrum 48K/Plus

Published in Sinclair User #62


This is nice! And it's the latest adventure from Peter Torrence, who wrote such notable offerings as Subsunk and Seabase Delta.

It's really four different adventures in one. The plot is loosely based around you finding a dusty old unmarked disc in your local computer shop, and as no one knows from where it came you take it home to find out what is on it.

It starts getting complicated when you boot up the disc and examine the screen, where you find a small menu of game titles: 1) 2002 A Very Odd Day in Space 2) The Lords Of Half Past Nine 3) Panic Miner 9000 and 4) Raid Over Margate. Interesting!

Choosing one of these titles actually throws you into the very game you selected and you find yourself in one of four mini text/graphic adventures.

The Lords of Half Past Nine, is an obvious parody of Mike Singleton's classic, and opens with you standing on frozen wastes, and 'an icy shiver runs up from your feet, sees your head and comes running down again' type humour.

And so it goes, with a fair few locations for each adventure, with a few tricky puzzles thrown in.

The graphics are Level 9ish - which is to say not terrific - and the text description fairly sparse but I must say I found myself enjoying the whole thing enormously.

Overall Summary

A truly original theme text adventure from an author with an enviable track record. Cries out to be played.

Gary Rook

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