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Holed Out Extra Courses
By The 4th Dimension

Published in A&B Computing 6.11

Holed Out Extra Courses

I am not going to give a rating for this game as the scores are exactly the same as my original review.

I was rather anxious to load these courses after the original Holed Out and after loading both Extra Courses 1 and 2, I found that I was greeted, on every function, by a very annoying beep. This totally spoilt the two courses and I could not understand why this noise was only to be found on these later courses.

Apart from the beeping the courses are very familiar to the original version of Holed Out apart from, of course, the courses being different!

I rather liked the names of the courses, including Owlet Wood and Eagle Park, which seemed to add even more realism to the games. The courses are much more difficult to complete than the original with obstacles such as water and trees appearing much more frequently. For me, this seemed to make the game more exciting and, on some occasions, hair-pulling as my ball would not seem to land in the correct place but in the water or in the middle of the trees!

Apart from what I have already said in the original review, these courses are just as good as, if not better than, the original Holed Out. My only criticism are that of the annoying beep and also that £9.95 seems rather excessive for people who just want the extra courses.

Brett Colley

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