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Hideous Bill And The Gi-Gants
By Virgin Games
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Hideous Bill And The Gi-Gants

Bill isn't really hideous at all. In fact, he's a lovable little fellow consumed by his passion for the beautiful Greta who, tragically, has been imprisoned by the vicious Gi-Gants, man-eating insects who live in a maze.

The maze on the first screen is full of eggs, all of which Bill must crush before moving on to the next screen.

To help him battle the Gi-Gants there are four spears at the corners of the maze. These ants, though, are pretty cowardly and turn tail once you have a spear, so it's advisable to crush more eggs rather than go hunting.

On the second screen you have no weapons - just levers which allow you to open and close doors to the den, trapping the ants inside. Your task now is to squash the Inf-Ants littering the maze. Then you must eat the magic baked beans which give you the strength to go on to the final screen.

At last you get a glimpse of Greta. She's a pretty redhead: well worth rescuing even if she's not so stunning as the lady on the cassette cover. On this level there are no clear entrances to the tunnels - Bill has to head-butt his way through to Greta. If you get to her you're promised a surprise. I'm afraid I can't reveal what that is.

Hideous Bill's ants move very niftily and are very intelligent. Bill also is a nice little mover and his death throes are truly horrific.

There's a jaunty introductory tune and a clever warbling noise as Bill moves around the maze. This is one of today's best maze games.


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