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Helvera: Mistress Of The Dark
By Wow
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #78

Helvera: Mistress Of The Dark

It's a sunny summer afternoon, so you decide to spend some time in a nearby park. Ahhh, fresh air, heart-warming sounds, tranquility, life's most precious treasures. Not a thing could possibly spoil your day... or so you thought.

After a few hours, you notice it's getting awfully dark, and all of the other people have already made their way home. So, urged by a cold chill and a thin mist building up. you start to leave. Time, though, seems to have got the better of you, and the darkness around you becomes more intense.

While you're wandering around the park, chasing what shadows you can make out, you bump into an invisible barrier. You follow it round and round, but can't seem to find a gap to go through. Suddenly, lightning strikes, illuminating your surroundings for a split second. You think you can see the park-keeper's house to the north, but it seems so different now. It looks like an old Gothic castle, straight out of a horror film.

You don't have long to think about it, though, as the mist thickens and accelerates its way across the green, forming a dense fog. The fog swirls round and round, and it feels as if it is gripping your throat, making it hard to breathe. A few seconds later you pass out...

You awaken in a dank cell, and before you stands the dark, chilling figure of Helvera. She explains what happened, as in your current state you can't remember a thing. Then she lets you choose your own fate - either you die, or carry out a quest for her. If you succeed in the quest, you'll be set free. Well, since you're in no mood to die right now, you go for the latter.

Your task is to help Helvera free herself from the curse which sets the life she leads, and transform her into an everyday normal person. To do this you must find six magical spheres, which are scattered around Helvera's domain, and place them on the golden altar. This task can only be performed by a mere mortal such as yourself, that's why Helvera cannot do it.

This is the second text-only adventure to come from the keyboard of Bob Adams [Adventure Probe's 'Most promising author' - the Balg], the previous one being the hilarious Grue-Knapped! [Reviewed by me in AA68 and given an overall rating of 81% - the Balg]. It also supports advanced commands like 'RAM-SAVE', 'RAMLOAD' and 'Look behind/under'.

As you would expect, this game shows the same humour contained in Grue Knapped!. Witty responses and unexpected happenings make sure of that. Original puzzles are also a factor in this game - they're not too hard but they'll certainly make you think. It's quite a small adventure location-wise, but Bob has crammed some great touches into the game so that each room is a surprise.

Overall, this is an excellent game considering the price asked. Great value and very entertaining indeed!

The Balrog

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