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Sinclair User

By Haresoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #33

Business Not Pleasure

Hareraiser: Prelude

The most sensible motive for buying Hareraiser is the sincere need to get rich.

The sole aim of the program is the discovery of a Golden Hare somewhere in the game landscape. Do not assume you are getting a fancy version of Kit Williams' "Masquerade" with complex graphics and a vast expansive plot.

The 'game' consists of a number of lacklustre, stark and simple screens depicting the countryside, with an occasional hare bouncing around and then disappearing. At the bottom of each of those thoroughly dull pictures appears an obscure phrase which may or may not help you to find the hare - or your £30,000 in lieu.

If you decide to persist with the puzzle you will still have to buy a second program before completing it.

The cassette insert provides details on how to enter. The only instructions on screen tell you to follow the hare with cursor keys. There seems to be no evidence of the richness of the original book.

Quite honestly, it is rather difficult to understand why this program was produced at all, though cynics may draw their own conclusions. Me, I'm going to zap a few aliens instead.

Chris Bourne

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