Hangmog (SofTI) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Softi

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

A clever and original idea based on Hangman. The prisoner on the gallows is replaced with a rather unfortunate cat which has strayed into the meat works and is caught on a conveyor belt leading to a mincer.

Your job is to guess a word and save moggy.

The alphabet is displayed at the top with a conveyor belt underneath, onto which the letters fall once chosen.

Depending on whether or not the letter chosen is correct, it fails either down the "best beef" chute or lands on the conveyor belt on which moggy is seated. When a wrong letter falls onto moggy's conveyor belt it pushes a chunk of meat off the other end and into the mincer. As cats have nine lives, moggy has eight chunks of meat in front of him and on the ninth incorrect guess he runs out of luck and falls down the mincing chute.

Unfortunately, it is possible to press the same letter any number of times, although, if the player is careless enough to press the same letter twice, he deserves to lose a life.

Overall, well-thought and enjoyable.


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