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Home Computing Weekly

Hacker 2000
By Micrograf
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #123

The scenario for this adventure, set in the year AD 2000, is that with your computer and RS232 interface lead, you have tapped into a broken data line, in an attempt to find and change your brain scan file. This will prevent the "thought police" catching you. However, penetrating the security system of the multivax computer is a difficult and complex task.

Loading was difficult as there was a glitch right through the tape and data blocks had to be obtained from both sides to achieve a load. The loading is accompanied by a rather weird rendering of Gustav HoIst's "Mars". Very dramatic music to set the scene.

The usual adventure features are present, including a save game option. However, as one might expect, HELP is not provided. Interpretation of human input is limited to one or two words, the usual abbreviations applying.

I got in there hacking and managed to locate Rover V, an errant robot intent on blowing up multivax's EPROMs. He was quite useful until we encountered a security droid intent on blowing us up. This he achieved with consummate ease, exterminating Rover V and sending a high voltage surge down the line, killing me too!

In summary, I liked the concept of this adventure and the presentation created quite a dramatic atmosphere. The plot is a refreshing change from myth and magic.


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