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Personal Compuer Games

By Taskset
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #8


A gigantic circle of futuristic metal is hanging in deepest space. Around its rim spins a pod tiring a double cannon at the hordes of approaching alien ships.

That's the basic scenario of Taskset's new game, a space shoot-'em-up that presents you with peculiar problems.

The start of the game sees your pod zooming onto the screen and docking with the spacestation, Galaxy Ranger. Suddenly the aliens attack and you have to quickly get the hang of spinning around the rim. This is accomplished simply by moving the joystick up or down. When you run out of ammo you have to leave the Ranger and land on the red planet at the left of the screen.


Here the game becomes reminiscent of Lunar Jetman. Your pod descends as you fire the retro rockets - don't forget them or you'll end up looking like a dollop of ice-cream.

You emerge, suitably suited, from the rocket and try to collect one or more of the three ammo boxes on the surface. Unfortunately you have to watch your oxygen level and look out for the aliens who land, emerge from their saucers and start firing at you.

You can fire back, of course, but it's wiser to get in your pod and back to the Ranger. When you've destroyed one set of aliens, the planet explodes and you're confronted with a further challenge.

Gyropod is a brave attempt to inject some much-needed originality into the tired shoot-'em-up formula but, unfortunately, it just falls short. Although the graphics are of a high standard and the sound is entertaining, it lacks the variety of tasks that make a great game.


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